Audio and Video File Download Purchase

When you plan to sell audio or video file downloads, several important factors should be considered:

  1. The files for sale should be stored on your server in folders not accessible to the Internet.
  2. If you display audio or video clips on your site, a user should not be able to download the file unless the file is purchased.
  3. Your eCommerce solution should integrate into major credit card processing systems.
  4. When a customer purchases a download, the customer should receive a confirmation email containing a download link within seconds.

Although there are many file download eCommerce products available, there may be situations where a custom solution is best suited to your needs. An example of a custom WordPress PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript template for audio file display and download sale that uses PayPal IPN is https://Protest.Host. can provide custom audio and video download eCommerce solutions to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for more information.

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