Embedded Linux Streaming Audio and Video
C, C++, Python, PHP, Bash, JavaScript, & MySQL

Body Camera Client/Server for Android Termux or Embedding Linux Client with Ubuntu Server Video Archive in NodeJS

Body Camera GitHub Repository

Body Camera


The Body Camera Client/Server is intended as a starting point for an Android, iOS, or ARM based Linux or Windows IoT device based body camera that stores video and audio recordings locally on the client and also uploads the Recordings to a remote server as soon as a WiFi or cellular connection is available.

Audio Event Detection

Audio Classification for IoT ARM64 and Ubuntu Server X86_64

Audio Classification with TensorFlow Artificial Intelligence

Audio Event Detection, Classification, and Training for Embedded Linux IoT Devices


Acoustic event detection can be performed with inexpensive ARM based embedded Linux systems such as the Raspberry Pi and integrated with other audio and video functions such as monitoring and motion detection.

Linux Applications

Development Tool for Bluetooth and D-Bus Functions in NodeJS with Single Page Architecture (SPA) Web Interface

Installation of Ubuntu 20.04 in Windows 10 WSL2

Raspberry Pi WebRTC Intercom

Raspberry Pi WebRC Intercom with AI Audio and Optical Classification

OTT RPi WebRTC Intercom

WebRTC can provide full duplex low latency (< 0.3 sec) video and audio for Internet and local network based intercoms.

Raspberry Pi Full HD HDMI Photo Frame Carousel with SDR Radio and Internet Radio

Codebase now available on GitHub

SDR The Raspberry Pi Full HD HDMI Photo Frame Carousel with Software Defined Radio (SDR) Radio and Internet Radio combines SDR and Internet radio streams with a Full HD (1920×1080) photo frame carousel that displays high resolution images on a Full HD or Ultra HD television.
Recent Project: Raspberry Pi Full HD HDMI Photo Frame Carousel with SDR Radio and Internet Radio

Raspberry Pi Touchpanel Kiosk Design

Raspberry Pi Touchpanel Kiosk Design

Kiosk Design

Design considerations for embedded Linux kiosks and digital signage products employing two-way video and audio, touchpanels, sensor input, external device control, automatic web based content updates and uploads, and automatic web based software updates.

Audio Multiband Equalizer

Audio Multiband Equalizer

Audio Multiband Equalizer

Whether your products are web or IoT based, OTTStreamingVideo can design and build an audio equalizer with the exact number of frequency bands with the center frequency and bandwith parameters you need.

Our custom audio equalizers allow the user to change the response of each frequency band on the fly, i.e. while the music or other audio program is being live streamed or played back. Equalization can also be applied on input for recording.

Custom presets can be defined for your application (e.g. Flat, Bass Only, Bass Boost, and Loud).

Autonomous Navigation Embedded Linux Controller

Sense Hat Recent Project: Autonomous Navigation Embedded Linux Controller with GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer sensors

Secure Group Video Conferencing with Recording Option

Confer.Video Recent Project: Confer.Video utilizes webRTC technology, which provides for secure video conferencing directly between you and your client. Confer.Video is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and Apple using the Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

Speech Recognition that Respects Your Privacy

Speech Recognition that Respects Your Privacy

Kiosk Design

Many people have expressed privacy concerns about the use of Internet based speech recognition systems. The technology now exists to perform speech recognition with an inexpensive Linux computer that eliminates the technical need to send your private conversations who profit from knowing everything about you.

HTML5 Audio Player with Custom Download Purchase Using PayPal IPN

HTML5 VIdeo Player Recent Project: Audio and Video File Download Purchase Live Site at: Protest.Host

C Language Programming for High Speed Video, Communications, and Data Acquisition Applications

C Languange Programming Recent Project: Raspberry Pi high speed data acquisition 12 bit A/D custom hardware with C code to process 200,000 samples per second.
Recent Project: Raspberry Pi high performance direct register access GPIO interrupt handlers in C code for real-time audio application.

Python Programming for Data Communications and Web Applications

Python Programming Recent Project: Python communications code between multiple Raspberry Pi based embedded controllers and host CPU.
Recent Project: Python API code to integrate QuickBooks Online to Odoo eCommerce website.

Remote Work Tools

Recommendations for Management of Remote Teams


Until recently many companies were reluctant to encourage, or allow, people to work remotely. This may be partly due to a lack of experience managing projects with remote workers. It also may be partly due to a unfounded concern that since remote workers do not sit at a desk that can be seen by management, remote workers may not be as productive as people in the office.

PHP Programming for Web Servers and APIs

PHP Programming Recent Project: PHP web control of video streaming transcoder using ffmpeg. Recent Project: API definition and PHP implementation for secure financial data transmission between Linux webserver and IBM mainframe for consumer loan application.
Recent Project: LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) web server application with customization of WordPress open source CMS. Also experienced with custom PHP functions for Drupal and Joomla

JavaScript for High Performance Browser Based Applications such as HTML5 HLS Video Streaming

JavaScript Programming Recent Project: Multiple HLS live streaming video players with individual control for each HLS channel player.
Recent Project: AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) driven real-time eCommerce application using XML, JSON, and CSV data transfer.

PostgreSQL and MySQL Relational Database Design

PostgreSQL and MySQL Programming
Recent Project: Design of normalized relational database optimized for real-time statistics for call center.

Linux Server Configuration for Embedded Controllers and Web Servers

Linux Apache MySQL PHP Recent Project: Linux shell scripts for control of networking functions for real-time streaming video transcoding.
Recent Project: Linux shell script and cron jobs for automated server backup to remote location, intrusion attempt detection, and server health monitoring.

Raspberry Pi Hardware and Software

Raspberry Pi Hardware and Software Recent Project: Hardware and software design of Raspberry Pi based security embedded controller with RFID, streaming video, and automated communications to master controller for functional control and software updates. Languages used were C, Linux shell scripts, PHP, Python, MySQL, and HTML5, and JavaScript.

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